The Marblehead Project-Out of service in 2016

This is an historical page. The Firelands Rural Fire District has been in active service since early 2012. Our history is important to our members and we like to keep old pages active for a reminder of where we've come from.
-Chief Carla Laville

The Marblehead is being built at the request of Carla Laville, Chief of the Firelands Rural Fire District. Designed to assist with offshore firefighting and air / sea rescue, the Marblehead is being built by Second Life's newest Master Shipwright Mr. Pier G. Cukor.

The Marblehead (designated MDRC-01) will be used to carry an HH-65C "Dolphin" helicopter. The Marblehead is the second ship to be put into service by the F.R.F.D.

The ship is a medium duty response cutter (M.D.R.C.) and four such ships will be put into service by the F.R.F..D. as follows:

Ship Designation                               Home Port
(MDRC-01) Marblehead                   Alvensleben Marina (Station 39)
(MDRC-02) Fairport                          Foresta Marina (Station 38)
(MDRC-03) Lorain                            Antilaghi Regional Airport (Station 79)
(MDRC-04) Cedar Point                   T.B.A.

Special thanks to Mr. Cukor for his time, skill, and loving craftsmanship.

-Chief Carla Laville

As of April 12th, 2015 the Marblehead Project is complete. Ocean trials were conducted on the Blake Sea and after proving two cutters have been put into service as of Monday April 13th:
The Marblehead (MDRC-01) is moored at the Alvensleben Resort & Marina
The Fairport (MDRC-02) is moored at the Foresta Harbor Community

As of April 22, 2015 the MDRC home port list is as follows:

MDRC-01 U.S.S. Marblehead: moored at the Alvensleben Resort & Marina
MDRC-02 U.S.S. Fairport: moored at the Foresta-Turvile Harbor Community
MDRC-03 U.S.S. Lorain: (currently in reserve awaiting a permanent berth at the Antilaghi Regional Airport)
MDRC-04 U.S.S. Cedar Point: (currently serving as reserve in case one of the other three needs removed from service for repairs)

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