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18-November-2014: Pride!

Most would agree that a big part of being a firefighter is PRIDE.  Take pride in your ride, take pride in your station, take pride in your skills and abilities to help those in need.

I was checking out profiles and I noticed one thing.  Many profiles made no mention of the awesomeness that is FRFD (including mine).  Well I corrected that and I hope you all will to.

Add a pick for the FRFD its a great recruitment tool and a way to show your pride.  As an incentive, best pick in

27-September-2014: Officer's Responsibility

As Captain of the FRFD, it is my job to help the chief's by directing the line office in a direction that is positive and productive.  This allows them to pursue things like expanding our coverage area, bringing new members in, and keeping the fleet current.

Over the last month I have been observing the day to day operations and taking note of areas I believe officers can better serve the department.

There are 2 categories:
Roleplay (On Calls)

Roleplay - Officers in RL are obviously in charge of companies.  In SL we have to be realistic in knowing as much as we would love to have a full crew on every vehicle, realistically we wont.  This means we have to take more of a team approach.  Leading teams of 2 or 3 firefighters in a roleplay accomplishes two major things.  1 - carries out the operations issued by command.  2 YOU are MENTORS teaching firefighters good RP!

Non-Roleplay - When we accept a red helmet we must understand that out responsibility to the department increases.  My experience running Gulfport taught me one important thing.  A successful department draws members with toys and calls to play with the toys.  We are all on here to HAVE FUN.  That will not happen without RPs.

This means that as officers we need to help the chiefs by Setting up RPs and leading in them.  We are the keepers of the fun!  It's actually a really great job full of creativity and challenge.

As such I am setting the expectation that all officers HOST 1 RP PER WEEK.  The RP MUST BE POSTED IN A GROUP NOTICE AS A RECORD THAT IT OCCURRED.

I have spoken with the Chief's and they have signed off on this policy.  I will be reporting back to the chiefs on the progress of this initiative.  If you need help, that is what I am here for. 

I look forward to the increase of RPs and FUN!

Captain Aurora

25-November-2014: Be prepared! 
Last night we had an incident with a victim trapped on a burning tanker.  It has been this departments policy to never GOD MOD and make due with what we have just like in RL.  That being said the more things you have ready in your inventory ... the better prepared we are. 

The new C.PR.
Before you all comatose thinking this is an EMS  thing ... it's not! Courtesy Professionalism Respect.

Sometimes we are faced with challenges, ex: difficult  RPers , who for some reason enjoy testing these values.  We must rise above and more so not let it ruin our fun!

In that spirit. I made it a point to stop at station 42 and fix the marine unit there even after a bad RP experience last night.  I know each of you are awesome professionals, let it SHINE!

20-January-2015: AARF AARF AARF

New Dalmatian? Nope AIRCRAFT RESCUE FIRE FIGHTING and there are 4 of them because that is soon to be the number of ARFF stations we will be covering.

The game changes with ARFF

Equipment is the name of the game because almost every aircraft emergency is exterior ops.  Lots of water in the shortest time possible. 

When responding to ARFF remember don't staff vehicles like we would for a structure alarm, everyone grab one and go!

18-MAY-2017: "We have the tools, we have the talent" - Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbusters (1984)

FRFD has the talent, toys, stations, trucks, gear etc. to be the premier FD in SL

Did you know we are the oldest department in SLIAFF?

Why do we not have a lot of calls?

Unlike in RL, we need to start them!  Anyone with Senior Firefighter rank can initiate a call on a Firelands owner property!

If everyone in the group setup one a week, we would be the busiest FD!

Imagination ... they don't all have to be structure fires!

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