Mission Statement

Firelands Rural Fire District

Mission Statement (Role Play)

The Mission of the Firelands Rural Fire District is to be the finest firefighters in Second Life.  
With Bravery, Courage, Compassion and Loyalty to our duty, we run towards that which others run away from.  We shall assist with any emergency for which we are prepared and will continuously train to be the best prepared department possible.  

Core Values (Non-RP)
  1. Regarding the Brotherhood/Sisterhood
    1. Above all else we are a group of role-players who share a passion for emergency services RP.
    2. We support one another and the department in order to preserve our way of Role-play.  
    3. We do not participate in “drama” or other activities that would damage the bond we have.
    4. We are an inclusive department however those who do not support our core values do not belong.

  1. Regarding Fun
    1. We login to Second Life and come to our station to have fun.  
    2. We respect and support the differences in RP style we may have in order that we may all have fun together.
    3. We do not hamper each other’s ability to enjoy our time in the FRFD.

  1. Regarding Rank  
    1. Rank in the department is earned through what we do to better the department and our RP.
    2. Helmet Chasing has no place among us.

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