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The hiring process explained:

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A Call to Action …

We are intentionally stepping away from the world of RP for a second because honestly we are frustrated. Second Life has a proud history of Fire RP. In its prime, the SLFD had no shortage of dedicated members and events going on.

So what the hell happened? Although no one can say for sure … this is our opinion:

1) Staffing. Collectively we have thinned out the herd so much, every department struggles for members. So many departments have come, gone, and exist today that it is virtually impossible to get staffing levels where they need to be for consistent RP purposes.

2) Helmet Chasing. Why have so many departments sprung up? It is because there are far too many chiefs and not enough people willing to be Indians. Many people take the attitude that if they can’t get promoted quickly and easily, they will go somewhere else or better yet open there own department. In the real world promotion in the Fire Service takes dedication, hard work, knowledge and ability. Why do we accept less in SL?

3) Territory. One department doesn’t work? There are six others ready to jump into the station I put out. This is the attitude sim owners take now and it has led to departments beating each other up over territory. Again, we don’t even give each other the professional courtesy of reaching out and asking those questions before jumping on a sim.

4) 220 Syndrome. Two years RL experience (which can include explorers, or just watching “backdraft”) equals 20 years of SL experience. People running around ruining the experience, taking it too seriously, or ruining RP. They chase the experienced people away, hopping from department to department. We have even see it get to the point of walking the line of cyber-bullying which is completely unacceptable.

So … what is our point?

Everyone has a “strong back” in SL so let’s talk real recruitment for a second.

What we are looking to build is a Department that gets back to why most of us got involved in Fire Role Play in the first place. A department that is as much about the friendships, chatting, and comradery as it is about the Role Play, equipment/toys, and sims.

How do we hope to accomplish this?

1) We want to build a base of Role Players who want the same things we do. We are about quality over quantity. We are willing to take our experience and share it with newer people, or welcome in your experience as long as your goals are the same as ours. As such not everyone is going to fit, we may not accept everyone, and all our members start off in a probationary period.

2) Hemet chasing and Drama is not tolerated. If all you are looking for is Rank, we are not the department for you. Our focus is building a department of Role Players … not wannabe’s.

3) We are committed to providing places, tools, and resources to facilitate good RP. We have a full fleet of HD equipment, our own sims as well as a few contract sims, and several mutual aid agreements. What we need is you, people to Role Play and who want to Role Play. 

So what does this all mean?

Well if you have actually taken the time to read this, if you're sitting at your keyboard nodding your head, or if you are just sick of the normal SL Fire RP drama, you are likely the kind of person we are looking for.

The Firelands Rural Fire District has decided to take a stand for what we believe in. It may not make us popular in some of the groups, it may mean we are not the biggest department with the most stations and it may mean we don’t have fifty members running around. As chief’s (who have very good reputations within the RP community) we are ok with that.

What we want are people who love the game, who love being a part of a group of like minded people, who want to get back to what Fire RP in SL was originally all about.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please stop by our Headquarters and fill out an application. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to any of our chief officers. If you think this is all just rhetoric, well we hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere.

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