Line Officer and Engineer Assignments


Station 32 (Turvile City):

Station 33 (Firelands Airport):

Station 34 (SL International Airport):

Station 35:

Station 36 (North Keswick):

Station 37:

Station 38 (Firelands Prperties):

Station 39:

We are expecting the following from EACH Engineer:

•The Engineer is responsible for personally checking the status of all apparatus and equipment, rotating through each station weekly.  A report must be filed for each station documenting any issues that need to be addressed.  The Senior Engineer will coordinate engineers to make sure stations are not checked multiple times in the same week if needed.

Station Check Sheet

Line Officers

•Initiating at least one (documented) role play per week.  Please note the RP MUST be "toned out" in the group so we have verification that you at least tried to start one.  See the guidelines for officer promotions for more information

•Providing basic information to interested applicants who would like to join the district

•You are the "face" of the department while on duty; please make sure that not only you but any members at the station act in a professional manner

•Help recruit: we always need new members. Not just firefighters but medical staff for the hospitals, dispatchers, and other support staff as well

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