Sunday, June 25, 2017

Formation of new Battalions

Date:       June 25, 2017

To:         The members of the Firelands Rural Fire District
From:      Chief Carla Laville, Chief Lilly Laville

Re:         Formation of new Battalions

To All,

In our on going effort to make the FRFD one of the best SL RP Fire Departments on the grid, the chief's office is making the following changes and has issued the following promotions

1) Formation of Battalion 1
        Station 32
        Station 33
        Battalion Chief Helly Solvang
        Recruitment and Retention Division
2) Formation of Battalion 2
        Station 34
        Station 36
        Battalion Chief Cale Solo
        Training Division
Station 38 remains head quarters under the supervision of the District Chief's Laville

The Battalion chiefs will be serving as RP coordinators ensuring the department stays active.

The Captain position will be remaining vacant at this time

The Lieutenants (Usagi, Ravenheart, and Daniels) remain the same.

Should you have any questions please see one of the chief officers.

Please welcome and Support Helly and Cale as they transition into their new roles.

District Chiefs Lilly and Carla Laville

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1st Annual Fire Truck Rally at the Second Life International Airport

The The Firelands Property Group and the Second Life International Airport present the 1st Annual Freedom Firetruck Rally.
The event will feature judging in the following categories :
Best Chiefs Car
Best Specialty Company (ARFF, HAZMAT etc.)
Best Antique
Best Engine/Ladder
Best Rescue/Ambulance

Load In & Viewing start at 6pm (3pm SLT)
Freedom Reception w/ DJ starts at 8pm (5pm SLT)
Winner Announcements and Fireworks start at 10pm (7pm SLT)

 To display a vehicle register HERE

Monday, June 12, 2017

Nautilus-Satori Water Shuttle June 10 2017

 5 tankers ended up moving 75,000 gallons of water across two sims for a training fire. Thanks to Liberty Bay VFD Chief Rob Melson and his crew for taking the fill site as well as incident command for the practice structure fire. Did we have a few small hiccups? Of course we did but everyone overcame or recovered quickly from them. Overall it went smoothly and I think everyone had a lot of fun.This is what the second life international association of firefighters has always been about to me. People who never or rarely work together getting together just like real life departments and getting the job done.
Attended by Liberty Bay Fire Department West Metro Fire Rescue SL Erie Fire & Rescue Hatsune Fire Department and Firelands Rural Fire District


Sunday, June 4, 2017


Thank you very very much to Firelands Chiefs Lilly Laville, Carla Laville, and Stang Sabra for the EMA's new Mobile Communications Unit!