Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hazardous Materials Spill, Firelands After Dark (Part 1)

Good evening and I'm Marine Laville with your Firelands News Service. Residents have reported a traffic jam due to an accident in Firelands After Dark near the motel. Reports are coming in about an overturned semi but emergency services are not on scene yet. More info as it becomes available And now back to your regularly scheduled music....

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with a live feed from Turvile. The accident involved two semis with some sort of toxic spill. Fire & Harbor Patrol units are reporting odd behaving "walking wounded" stay tuned...more to come as we gather info.
This is Marine Laville, Eye on Firelands

 Hi this is Marine Laville, Eye on Firelands. Harbor Patrol Asst. Chief Delta Cox is reporting that the victims of this horrible accident seem like some sort of zombies. All residents should take care to avoid Firelands After Dark until this crisis is averted...

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