Friday, October 16, 2015

Corn maze and haunted house fire

Our Station 33 units responded along with the Madison County Fire Dept this evening for a corn maze on fire. The fire quickly spread to the nearby haunted house.

Units on scene:
Snorkel 331
Tanker 332
Engine 386 from Station 38

Personnel on scene:
Dist. Chief Laville
Dep. Chief Aurora
Lt. Solo
Firemedic Usagi

10-15-2015 MVA and gas station fire

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A busy weekend....

Firelands RFD fire crews were busy this weekend with a variety of calls and even a rescue. First, a frieghter having engine troubles tries to moor at Foresta only to explode:

Later that night reports came in from Alvensleben of a helicopter crash. Rescuers responded and found a wrecked helicopter high atop the waterfall.

Finishing off the night we were called to West metro territory to assist with containing a fire from a down passenger jet