Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mutual aid to the SL Forestry Service

The M.A.B.A.S. (Mutual aid box alarm service) Group toned out an "all available" call earlier today for a rekindle on a forest fire they had battled late into last night. Tankers 393 and 512 from the Firelands Rural Fire District responded (District Chief Laville, Deputy Chief Aurora, Lieutenant Ravenheart, and Lieutenant Solo). Upon arrival we found multiple departments already working the blaze which was covering approximately a quarter of the sim. Deputy Chief Aurora returned to the station for Unit 212 to help fight the blaze from the air.

Tanker 393 arrives on scene first and establishes the fill site. Pulling a "double draft" at a near vertical 25 meters 393 is taking in just shy of 1500 gallons per minute.

Meanwhile firefighters start the difficult task of taking on the fire deep in the forest...

Due to the distance between fill site and fire engines we used relay pumping to reach from the fill site to the fire engines. Here 393 drafts from the lake at the bottom of the hill and then dumps into the drop tank a.k.a. "portable pond."

Dual intake lines draft from the portable pond and run down the hill to our tanker 512 (formerly based at the Aero Pines sim). 512 then relay pumps through the tanker and out the to SL Forestry Service engine.

Units on scene:
Tanker 393 (based in Alvensleben Marina)
Tanker 512 (formerly based in Aero Pines and currently unassigned except as backup)
Air 212 (based in Turvile)

Members on scene:
District Fire Chief Carla Laville
Deputy Fire Chief Lilly Aurora
Lieutenant Kali Ravenheart
Lieutenant Cale Solo
Dispatcher Roxanne Rimgale manned the SL-EMA Firecom dispatch center back at station 38 in Turvile.

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