Friday, March 6, 2015

Pardon our dust while we do some rearranging. Yes, the District has decreased in size. Yes, we have lost some members. But, with your help I fully intend to help restore it to what it was six months ago. With Chief Laville's help and support we hope to bring back what once was.

Site updates:
The district membership page & station lists have obviously changed. We have reduced to the following stations:
36 - Firelands Airport
38,- Foresta Marina
39 - Alvensleben Marina
78 - The Coba Research Institute Hazardous Materials Response Team
79 - The Second Life International Airport

38 & 39 have been dramatically reduced in size and are more equipped like the rural stations they are. An engine, brush unit, Chief's car, and a rescue each. 38 will still host the fire boat as well. Additional equipment will be placed in rezzers but honestly shouldn't be needed with the possible exception of a backup engine or tanker.

39's station has been bulldozed and the replacement is located in the township garage underneath the Alien Disco Lounge. This allows Chief Laville more rent-able land at the marina which should help with her current financial strain.

Former members: anyone interested in helping us rebuild the District please contact Cale Solo directly.

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