Friday, November 14, 2014

Possible arson: the City of Riverdale Diner

Pascack County Under Sheriff Mike Degliangeli came face to face with the suspected arsonist a few nights ago at The Riverdale Diner. After some casual conversation the alleged suspect suddenly jumped up and tossed her Zippo lighter behind the counter igniting what turned out to be a rather large structure fire.

As firefighters responded to battle the blaze, the Under Sheriff gave pursuit. The suspect eventually eluded him by diving into the river and swimming away.

Later that same night S.W.A.T. Captain Alice Blunder also had opportunity to pursue the suspect. Pursuing in K-9 unit 409, Capt. Blunder pursued the suspect's bright pink ProStreet Dominator (license plate # OU812) but the suspect eluded her as well.

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