Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fire at R.S. Electric Co. at the Claremont Airport

While we were on scene of  structure fire at Antilaghi we were alerted to a second call - the R.S. Electric Company was on fire.Some units and personnel were left to wrap up the first fire while the rest of us raced to Claremont.....

Because new hydrants are currently being installed here at the airport we had to activate the district water shuttle

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The new Firelands RFD Station 37 at the Claremont - Blake Sea Regional Airport

Trial by fire they say.... that's what happened today exactly one week after adding the Claremont - Blake Sea Regional Airport to our fire district. Initially, we were called out to a car fire at the Alvensleben Resort & Marina. While there, "flying brands" from the car fire ignited a small brush fire over at the Claremont-Blake Sea airport. We extinguished the car fire ad then headed over to the airport to take care of that. While there, a caller reported the "smell of gas" coming from the old abandoned fire station. While investigating, District Fire Investigator John P. Marchlewski noticed not only the smell of gas but heard electrical "crackling" as well. The building was evacuated barely in time before an electical short ignited the gas leak. A large explosion occurred.....

Before we could get the first engine pulled from the new station multiple explosions occurred resulting in a total collapse of the building...

Ladder 373 arrived on scene and set up master stream operations to keep the fire fro spreading even though the building had already collapsed...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Station 37: The Claremont - Blake Sea Regional Airport Fire Dept

The Claremont - Blake Sea Airport Fire Station houses 6 pieces of equipment (fire boat houses at a separate facility)
Command 3800
Engine 371
Tanker 372
Ladder 373
Squad 375
Heavy Rescue 378